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i have seen the video it WAS a weak ass kick! it wasn't a power kick you fucking retard! it was a precision kick! the only reason he didn't puke was BECAUSE it had very little power!! you know as much about martial arts as you do about misogyny. which is fucking zero! you fucking retard! cry more
overeatingfortaste overeatingfortaste Said:


guys look at this human

look at him

The video isn’t clear enough on this screen for me to make out for sure, but if it is in fact a “precision kick,” that means she knew exactly where she was aiming, right?
Now, from what I know of martial arts, and correct me if I’m wrong, typically you aim the blow a short distance behind what you’re hitting, that way the majority of the force goes into the target without costing you your form and balance or causing you to be open to counter. This woman is trained in martial arts, so she would know this, and it is very likely that it was both a precise and powerful kick. So even if the commenter wasn’t being a completely whiny, immature caps-and-exclamation-marks-and-swears-make-my-argument-stronger (btw they don’t) jerk, his argument is completely invalid.



Yeeeeeeesssssssssss. Super excited. However, methinks there is a typo? That or I will have to wait until the year 20104 for this to come out.

Oh well, the wait is worth it

So, guess who had a NDE today?
(Near Dudebro Experience)
Went to find the original frick frack paddy whack, etc post and clicked to the first link that looked close. It was on some site that sounded a little sketch, but the post looked right. Then after scrolling around a bit, realized that the name FIM Fiction meant Friendship Is Magic.



Here are this month’s prompts and dates, get ready for the tokka my fellow shippers

August 1 - TLC
August 2 - Nap Time
August 3 - Know When to Hold ‘Em
August 4 - You’re a Genius
August 5 - Be the Boomerang
August 6 - Stranded
August 7 - Field Trip!


Maybe someone else has already said this, and maybe I’m wrong, but I’m pretty certain that TLC stands for Tender Loving Care.

Right now, as a curbside (AKA not very dedicated or into it) BBC fan, it is amazing to finally not be a part of the fandom which is currently exploding.



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I agree with all of this, but have some further ideas to add.
What if each member of team eviltar wanted to be trained by a different member of the gaang, in their specialty, e.g. bloodbending, metalbending, and Dragon’s breath, but when the gaang each refused, team eviltar banded together in disgruntlement and helped each other kill off members of the original gaang. (Maybe Combustion Woman wanted revenge at Sokka for killing Combustion Man, her family member or role model either one.)
This would explain why Katara and Zuko are the only ones left, and why it seems that different parts of the gaang no longer are in contact. Aang would die protectecting Katara, Zuko has bodyguards. And maybe the survivors and their families blamed each other for turning team eviltar down and creating the spark that caused them to team up in the first place.
And of course, this would also mean that we will get a painful Zaheer POV flashback of them killing Aang, and maybe Sokka and Toph too, and also attacking Katara and Zuko.
*goes to gross sob in the corner in pain*

Fíli! Kíli!
Bilbo Baggins, scolding Merry and Pippin at some point. (via daniskatra)

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Go ahead and try to tell me that this doesn’t happen every time.
Misspelled her name, whatever, I’m tired enough that I don’t care as much as I maybe should.

[Edit to original post in response to valid points raised in offline discussion]
And yes, I realize that some changes are necessary. I just really hate the levels of disrespect, intentional or otherwise, that this shows the original artists. People who put in time and effort will now be getting significantly less recognition for those efforts. Yes, “true fans” will know the truth, but to the larger, movie-only audience, the roots of classic storylines are blurred and they will be missing out on major and important points of the original canons which have now been slashed for whatever type of executive directorial artistic vision and reinterpretation.
On a personal note, yes I have bias. I am still not over the retcons of the past few years: the end of clois, the new 52, ST09, heck, I still ache over some changes that were made way back in the golden years of comic books. So much is lost in the remake process, and yes the material still exists but it causes massive problems and confusion on the part of the fans and different aspects of the fandom as to what now-extra-canonical thing another fan might be referring to.
And I do understand that in the case of SW EU situation, the move was necessary. I just fear for the EU contributors and what will happen to them in all this. No matter how they handled the EU situation it would have been a problem. People would have been hurt either way, and at least the got the whole canon problem taken care of in one go. But some people will be getting the short stick.
Reinterpretation is necessary, yes, but sometimes a little goes a long way. Maybe that’s just my take on things, but I just feel really offended on behalf of those who had their life’s work retconned away and re-envisioned apart by these bigwigs.

Okay, so this is on the heels of PJ’s huge decision. For those who haven’t caught the ripples, the subtitle of Hobbit 3 has officially changed from There and Back Again (which is canonical and related to major book plot points and character development and etc) to The Battle of Five Armies. Now, personal opinions and issues aside, this causes major problems for fans everywhere. Already in DoS, we saw major complaints regarding the often tediously long action scenes, and there have been widespread mumbling about this worrying trend continuing through the franchise. Jackson’s decision does nothing to quell those fears, instead feeding the fire. And on a personal level, I feel that this is another affront to the original work; there is interpreting something and then there is warping it.

But I digress.
The newest issue that has come to a head is in another major fandom, the father of modern SciFi, Star Wars. Unfortunately, in all their great wisdom, Lucas and his crack team of specialists have decided to officially renounce all EU from the canon. For the record, this means that only the films and the clone wars franchise are still canon. Normally, this would be highly offensive, but the real blow comes when you realize that the wording of the official statement insinuates that the creations of these EU authors will be used freely without credit being given. Now this is a huge breach of professional etiquette and I am not legally versed enough to know whether or not this can even happen. I hope that I am merely misreading the press release. But in any case, they have officially and forcefully downgraded the efforts of thousands of artists all in pursuit of what I assume, from recent retcon trends, is a new, hip, darker and grittier retcon.
I am scared for all of my other fandoms now. Is nothing sacred?
Fandoms everywhere can cower in fear for whatever new developments the fandom gods have left to throw at us.

(For the record, I am not insinuating that the creators are the fandom gods; in fact, I feel much to the contrary. They may have birthed these legends, or helped bring them into the spotlight when their legs were still wobbly, but at some point they grew up, and PJ and Lucas need to get over empty nest syndrome, stop helicopter momming, and let the franchises continue to stand on their own as they have for so long, instead of chaining them to their apron strings and cutting their legs out from under them so that the creators can still feel needed and in control. The cash cow may still be giving milk, but she will kick you if you test her.)

That is all.